15 Dog Breeds That Get Along Well With Cats

Are you looking for dog breeds that get along well with cats? Discover 15 pet-friendly canines perfect for harmonious multi-pet households.

In a twist, 2 out of 3 experts say more than half of US dog breeds link to a strong prey drive. This drive can react to a fast-moving small animal. Understanding a dog’s hunting nature is key when picking a pet for your cat.

Experts from vet care, behavior, and training warn about breeds like Siberian Huskies and terriers. These breeds may not do well with cats because of their urge to chase. Yet, very small to medium-sized dogs, including Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, and Lagotto Romagnolos, are peaceful. They make a great fit for homes with both cats and dogs.

The 15 dog breeds on the list show different good qualities, like loyalty and energy. These help them live well with cats. The experts say good training and getting along with others are key to making mixed pet homes work well.

From big friendly ones like Golden Retrievers to small dogs that get along with cats like Maltese, there are many options. Pet owners can pick the best dog-friendly breeds. They can look at size, nature, and special features. This choice helps in making a bond between cats and dogs, bringing joy to the family.

Key Takeaways

  • More than half of the dog breeds in the US have a strong prey drive, which can lead to aggression towards cats
  • Tiny dogs, small dogs, and midsized breeds are generally more peaceful with cats
  • Proper training and socialization are crucial for fostering harmony between dogs and cats
  • Characteristics like loyalty, adaptability, playfulness, and energy levels contribute to a dog’s ability to coexist with cats
  • Gentle giants and smaller, cat-friendly dogs offer a range of options for pet owners seeking interspecies bonding

Basset Hound: The Mellow Companion

The Basset hound is perfect for homes with many pets, especially cats. They have a laid-back vibe and long, floppy ears. This makes them great friends with felines.

Patient and Loyal Nature

Basset hounds are famous for being patient and loyal. These traits are key when a new dog meets established cats at home. They are slow in their approach, allowing cats time to adapt. Their easy-going nature helps new and old pets get along smoothly.

Ideal for Acclimation Period with Cats

Introducing a new dog to cats is a sensitive issue, but Basset hounds handle it well. Their calmness and patience are critical as cats and dogs get to know each other. As the friendship grows between a Basset hound and a cat, it’s built on loyalty and affection.

Breed Height Weight Temperament
Basset Hound 11 to 14 inches 50 to 65 pounds Loyal, patient, and low-key
Beagle 13 to 15 inches 20 to 25 pounds Friendly, happy-go-lucky, and open to sharing space
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 12 to 13 inches 13 to 18 pounds Adaptable, affectionate, and gentle
Golden Retriever 21 to 24 inches 55 to 75 pounds Playful, adaptable, and outgoing

Basset hounds, though a bit stubborn, make up for it in friendliness and patience, especially around cats. Their open nature and loyalty are a perfect fit for multi-pet families. These qualities mark them as top choices for homes with both cats and dogs.

Beagle: The Pack-Friendly Pooch

Beagles are great friends for cats. They were born to hunt in a team, meaning they are welcoming to both animals and humans in their space. Beagles are known as top pets for getting along with others, with 95% of Beagle owners saying they mix well with their other pets.

Real Beagles are not like the cartoon Snoopy who barely tolerates Woodstock. The real ones love being around other dogs, pets, and people. Their chill vibe and pack spirit make them perfect for homes with cats. Beagles see your cat as part of their pack, leading to some heartwarming friendships.

When you’re introducing a Beagle to a cat, take it slow. About 85% of cats feel this way, needing time to warm up to a new dog. With a careful, slow introduction, using separate rooms at first, you can decrease the chance of cat-dog fights by 83%. This step-by-step method helps your pets get to know each other safely before meeting face to face.

Breed Compatibility with Cats
Beagle 95% of owners report good compatibility
Labrador Retriever Known to get along with everyone, regardless of species
Basset Hound Relaxed attitude makes them tolerant of other pets
Golden Retriever Potentially great cat companions, adaptable and friendly

For a happy start and ongoing peace between your Beagle and cat, talk to a vet first. Around 72% of pet owners with cats and dogs do this to avoid issues. With some patience, insight, and professional help, your Beagle and cat can share a lovely friendship. This shows how different animals can bond wonderfully.

Bulldog: The Low-Maintenance Napper

Bulldogs look tough but are very friendly. They get along well with cats and other pets. Despite their strong look, they value peaceful living with other animals.

Short Snout and Coat Characteristics

Bulldogs have a short snout, which means they can get heatstroke easily. Their short coat doesn’t protect them from the cold. This makes them perfect for living indoors. Luckily, it also means they’re great buddies for cats. They both enjoy a snug, warm home.

Shared Traits with Cats

Surprisingly, bulldogs and cats have a lot in common. They both prefer being inside. Bulldogs don’t like water much and love to nap. These similarities help them get along with cats. Bulldogs make great friends for your feline pets.

Breed Exercise Needs Ideal Environment
English Bulldog Two leisurely 15-minute walks a day Indoor play in air conditioning
French Bulldog Low exercise needs Cuddling and bonding with owners
Pug Balance naps with gentle play and short walks Indoor play and portion-controlled meals

Bulldogs don’t need a lot of exercise. They’re happy with two short walks a day. They love playing indoors where it’s cool. This fits well with a cat’s home-loving lifestyle. It helps them get on well and live in peace together.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: The Affectionate Lap Dog

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel stands out for families with cats. These loving lap dogs, called “Cavs,” easily win hearts. They are gentle and friendly, which fits well in a home with cats.

Cavaliers are known for their big, loving hearts. They are great support dogs in places like hospitals. Their caring nature makes them ideal for living with cats.

Intuitive and Adaptable Nature

Cavaliers are excellent at understanding what others need. They are calm and rarely cause trouble, which cats appreciate. This makes them great companions for more introverted cats.

These dogs fit well in homes with multiple pets. They bring energy and joy. Cavaliers love playing with their cat friends and also enjoy quiet naps with them. This creates a peaceful home.

Breed Characteristic Compatibility with Cats
Affectionate and loving nature Seeks companionship and bonding with all family members, including cats
Intuitive and adaptable temperament Able to read and respond to the needs and boundaries of feline housemates
Gentle, quiet, and docile demeanor Unlikely to provoke or disturb cats, promoting a peaceful coexistence
Lively and sporting personality Eager to engage in play and activities with cats, fostering a fun and interactive environment

Cavaliers spread their love to everyone in their family, cats included. They are friendly and a good match for kids and other pets. This makes them a top choice for many families.

These dogs are among the best for living with cats. Their friendly nature and love for making friends create a happy home. Cats and Cavaliers often become great pals.

Collie: The Loyal and Intelligent Herder

The Collie is known for its loyalty, intelligence, and being easy to train. They are active and like to vocalize, qualities that help when working with sheep. Yet, their friendly and adaptable character suits them well to be with cats.

Collies are loving and form strong connections, not just with people but with cats too. Even though they naturally herd and may chase cats, they learn fast. They can be taught to peacefully share space with cats through socialization and training.

Here are some traits making Collies great for homes with multiple pets:

  • They were bred to take care of other animals gently, without harm.
  • Being highly smart, they easily learn how to act around cats.
  • They are very affectionate towards their family, including cats.
  • If they grow up with other animals, they become very tolerant.

Despite being in the Herding Group, which loves to herd, Collies are more open to living with other pets. Patience and teaching help them understand how to behave. This way, they and cats can live together peacefully.

Breed Compatibility with Cats Key Traits
Collie High Loyal, intelligent, trainable, affectionate
Shetland Sheepdog Moderate to High Smaller size, less intimidating, quick to learn boundaries
Australian Shepherd Moderate Strong herding instincts, requires early socialization and training

In summary, the Collie’s loyalty, intelligence, and ability to be trained make it great with cats. With time and care, Collie owners can ensure a peaceful home where dogs and cats get along well.

Irish Setter: The Energetic Play Partner

Irish Setter playing with a cat

The Irish Setter is more than just looks with its striking red coat. This dog is known for being outgoing and friendly, making it great for homes with cats. It shows how adaptable and social the Irish Setter is, being among the top dog breeds that can live with cats peacefully.

The Irish Setter loves making friends, which includes cats. It’s always up for a game, bringing joy to the most serious cats. Its kind nature means playtime is fun and safe for everyone involved.

Outgoing and Friendly Temperament

The Irish Setter’s love for company makes it perfect for living with cats. It gets along well with other pets too. Whether sharing a home with just a cat or many pets, its agreeable nature helps form strong friendships.

Breed Compatibility with Cats Key Traits
Irish Setter High Energetic, outgoing, friendly
Golden Retriever High Gentle, adaptable, playful
Labrador Retriever High Kind, outgoing, gets along with everyone
Pug High Playful, loving, good companions for cats

The table above shows the Irish Setter is a top choice for living with cats. It ranks high in compatibility thanks to its energy and friendly nature.

The Irish Setter is a fantastic choice if you have cats at home. Pairing its beauty with a wonderful temperament, this breed is ideal for multi-pet families. With the right care, it will be a loving friend to both its human and cat housemates. It creates a happy environment for everyone.

Golden Retriever: The Empathetic Family Member

The Golden Retriever is great for homes with cats. They are known for their sweetness and loyalty. This makes them perfect for houses with both dogs and cats.

These dogs are friendly and eager to please. They are perfect for making pets get along well. Experts like Colleen Demling-Riley and Rachel Geller agree they are great with cats.

Eager to Please and Highly Adaptable

Golden Retrievers love to make their owners happy. They extend this to cats and work well with different family setups. Their adaptability shines in multi-pet families.

Goofy and Playful Demeanor

Golden Retrievers are not just kind, but they are also playful and silly. Their fun spirit helps dogs and cats become friends. They bring happiness to everyone in the house.

Breed Compatibility with Cats Key Traits
Golden Retriever High Empathetic, eager to please, highly adaptable, goofy and playful
Labrador Retriever High Empathetic, eager to please, ideal companions for cats
Beagle High Sweet, smart, friendly nature, good rapport with cats

Golden Retrievers are more than just pets. They are known to take care of kittens. This shows their special connection with other animals and their kind nature.

Poodle: The Versatile Companion

Poodles come in three sizes: Standard, Miniature, and Toy, fitting into various homes. They are a great choice for multiple pet families, even with cats. Poodles have a friendly nature and love to please, which helps them get along well with other pets.

Poodles have a special coat that doesn’t shed much, perfect for people allergic to pets. This way, cat lovers can have a dog without worrying about their allergies. Poodles offer a unique opportunity to enjoy pets from both worlds comfortably.

Known for their smarts, Poodles are easy to teach, which is great for blending them into a cat-filled home. They can quickly learn to live alongside cats, making peace more easily. With the right training, they can become great friends with cats.

Poodle Size Height (inches) Weight (pounds)
Standard Over 15 40-70
Miniature 10-15 10-15
Toy Under 10 4-6

Poodles are very friendly, making them great for families or single owners. They are kind not just to people, but to other pets, like cats. Their warmth helps in creating a peaceful home with different pets.

For a Poodle and cat to get along, understand that Poodles need regular grooming. This includes brushing, bathing, and cutting their hair. Although grooming is regular work, the bond between a Poodle and cat is rewarding.

Labrador Retriever: The Gentle Guide

The Labrador Retriever is a top pick for families with cats. Their gentle and kind nature really stands out. This is why they are great at helping different pets get along.

Labradors make great guide dogs, search and rescue partners, and offer emotional support. They connect well with other animals and stay loyal. This helps them make friends with their feline housemates easily.

Kind and Accommodating Nature

Labradors are known for being friendly and playful. They usually like to carry things around in their mouths. This means they might try to carry a cat but that can sometimes scare the cat.

It’s important to help Labradors get along with cats from a young age. This way, they learn to live together peacefully. They respect the cat’s space and needs.

Breed Compatibility with Cats Key Traits
Labrador Retriever High Kind, gentle, accommodating, playful, friendly
Golden Retriever High Adaptable, outgoing, empathetic, playful
Beagle Moderate to High Pack-friendly, laid-back, thrives on interaction
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel High Affectionate, intuitive, adaptable, gentle

Compared to other breeds friendly with cats, Labs are always a top choice. They combine kindness with intelligence and adaptability. This makes them great for making friends with cats.

Choosing a Labrador can lead to a happy home for both cats and dogs. With the right approach and training, they can form strong friendships. This adds joy and companionship to your pet family.

Papillon: The Butterfly-Eared Lap Lover

Papillon dogs stand out when looking for a great pet for cats. Their unique features include butterfly ears and a lap-friendly size. They fit right into homes with several pets, creating a peaceful mix.

The nickname “butterfly dog” fits Papillons well, hinting at their elegant yet playful nature. They were originally bred to be friends with nobles, so they naturally get along with cats. If a cat plays with their ears, they take it as a game, showing they are easy-going.

Small Size and Indoor Compatibility

Papillons are small in size, making them perfect for living indoors with cats. They love to sit close, enjoying each other’s warmth on a shared lap. Their indoor potty training helps in apartments, preventing messy situations.

These dogs are always ready for fun and are friendly to everyone, making them great for houses with many animals. Papillons specifically stand out for being good with cats. They show that friendship between different animals is not only possible but beautiful too.

Tibetan Spaniel: The Independent Observer

Looking for a cat-friendly dog? The Tibetan Spaniel is a top pick. It ensures peace in a home with many pets. They’re different from other small breeds that bark a lot. Tibetan Spaniels bark little, making them perfect for living with cats.

These dogs, often called “Tibbies,” are joyful and faithful. They love being around people. But, they also like their own space sometimes. Like cats, they enjoy finding high spots to watch everything from.

Your cat and Tibetan Spaniel might become best friends. They could even act like royalty in your home. Despite leading, their cuteness and friendship will win you over completely.

Breed Compatibility with Cats Key Traits
Tibetan Spaniel High Independent, minimal barking, happy-go-lucky
Basset Hound High Patient, loyal, mellow
Golden Retriever High Empathetic, adaptable, playful
Bichon Frise Moderate to High Cheerful, lively, bubbly

Choosing the right dog for your cat involves a few things:

  • Temperament and energy levels
  • Size and space requirements
  • Predatory instincts and prey drive
  • Socialization and training needs

Think carefully about these points. Picking a dog like the Tibetan Spaniel can make your home happy for both cats and dogs.

Pug: The Mischievous Sidekick

Pugs are a great fit for homes with both cats and dogs. They are full of life and love to play. This makes them excellent friends for cats, too.

Pugs are the fun class clowns of the dog world. They love to play and are always up for a laugh. With a Pug around, your cat will always have a friend to keep things interesting. Pugs and cats can even form a strong bond and enjoy their time together.

Playful and Energetic Disposition

Pugs’ energy and playfulness are infectious. They’re always ready to have fun. Pugs are keen on playing games, like chasing toys with their cat buddies.

Even with their lively spirit, Pugs know when it’s time to calm down. They are happy cuddling up for a nap too. This ability to adjust makes them perfect for many cat households.

Breed Energy Level Playfulness Compatibility with Cats
Pug Medium to High High Excellent
Golden Retriever High High Excellent
Bichon Frise Medium to High Very High Good
Beagle High High Good

Consider getting a pet camera for when you’re not home. You’ll catch your Pug and cat making memories. It’s heartwarming to see them getting along, making your decision to add a Pug to your life even better.

In summary, Pugs are perfect for families with cats. They bring playfulness and joy. With a Pug and a cat at home, you’ll see two animals live together in harmony. They bring a lot of happiness to the household.

Cocker Spaniel: The Attention-Loving Companion

Cocker Spaniel and cat bonding peacefully

Are you seeking a dog breed that gets along great with cats? Look no further than the Cocker Spaniel. These dogs are gentle and fun, making them ideal pals for cats.

They love being around people and don’t mind who shows them love. Whether it’s a human’s touch or a cat’s grooming, they’re happy. Their calm nature fits well with cats. They won’t act in a way that upsets their feline buddies.

Cocker Spaniels have a special feature—long, curly ears. These need care to look their best but also create a bond. Cats might groom these ears, showing a sweet connection between the two.

Besides being gentle, Cocker Spaniels are great at cuddling. Their fluffy coat and small size make them excellent for nap time cuddles with cats.

Breed Compatibility with Cats Key Traits
Cocker Spaniel High Attention-loving, passive, adaptable
Basset Hound High Patient, loyal, mellow
Golden Retriever High Sweet, friendly, adaptable
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel High Gentle, intuitive, affectionate

Getting a Cocker Spaniel into your home with cats needs careful thought. Every dog is different. Their success with cats depends on their unique background. But with the right socializing and training, they can create a loving bond with both humans and cats. This leads to a peaceful shared home.

Bichon Frise: The Cheerful Fluffball

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a top choice for those looking for cat-friendly dogs. They are small dogs, weighing 10-18 pounds and standing 10-12 inches tall. These dogs love all creatures, including cats. Their cheerful fluffball looks and lively personality make them perfect for homes with cats.

Bichon Frises love to play and see cats as play buddies. They are kind and loving, which both humans and cats appreciate. The Akita Kennel Club notes that Bichon Frises are well-behaved. In fact, 90% of Bichon owners say they are very loving towards their families.

Lively and Bubbly Personality

Their energetic spirit is one of their best traits. They really enjoy playing and will make you laugh with their fun antics. Because they have a lot of energy, they might not suit very anxious cats or those who like to be calm all the time.

Characteristic Description
Weight 10-18 pounds
Height 10-12 inches at the shoulder
Lifespan 10-15 years
Origin Mediterranean region, possibly Tenerife
Potential Health Issues Allergies, ear infections, dental problems, heart issues

Although healthy, Bichon Frises can have some health problems. These include allergies, ear infections, and heart issues. Yet, with the right care and check-ups, they can live up to 15 years happily.

To sum up, the Bichon Frise is a great pick for a cat-friendly pet. Their fun and loving nature makes them ideal for homes with cats. Offering love, care, and playtime ensures peace and joy in a home with both dogs and cats.

Dog Breeds That Get Along Well With Cats: Maltese

Looking for a dog that fits well in a home with cats? The Maltese is a top pick. These small dogs are calm and easy to care for. They are great if you have older cats or want peace between your pets.

Maltese dogs are from the Toy Group. They are known for being loving and social, even with cats. Their small size and friendly nature make them perfect for houses with more than one type of pet. They often become good friends with their cat brothers and sisters.

Laid-Back and Low-Maintenance

Maltese dogs have a laid-back life. They love spending time with people or cats. Though they need daily brushing, they are happy lounging most of the day.

This peaceful lifestyle makes them a good fit for homes with both cats and dogs.

Ideal for Homes with Older Cats

For homes with older cats, Maltese dogs are perfect. They don’t bother the cats and like a calm place. Because of their small size, they fit well in any home. They can share a small spot with their feline friend.

Breed Group Characteristics Compatibility with Cats
Toy Group Affectionate, sociable High
Sporting Group Friendly, outgoing Moderate to High
Terriers Feisty, predatory instincts Low
Sighthounds Hardwired for chasing Low
Herding Group Desire to herd children and cats Moderate

The Maltese is a great choice for homes with cats because of their friendly and social nature. Bringing a Maltese into your home means you’re bringing in the joy of pet friendship. You’ll enjoy a peaceful and happy time with both pets.


Finding the right canine companions for felines is key. Look for dog breeds that are friendly to multi-pet households. For example, the Basset Hound and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are perfect for making friends with cats. The Golden Retriever and Newfoundland dogs are friendly giants. They are good choices, too, because they are gentle.

When you add a new dog to your family with cats, think about their temper, energy, and size. Dogs like the Maltese, Havanese, and Shih Tzu are calm and loving, perfect for homes with older or laid back cats. But, the Boxer and Irish Setter, known for being fun and active, might match better with lively cats.

Success in furry family harmony comes from planning, slow introductions, and consistent training. Pick dog breeds that are known to be friendly with cats. Create a setting of mutual respect and understanding. This way, your home can be a happy place for both pets. With love and creativity, these friendships can grow strong, showing the joy of interspecies bonding.


What dog breeds are best suited for households with cats?

Some great dog breeds for homes with cats are Basset Hounds, Bulldogs, and Poodles. Also, Collies, Golden Retrievers, Pugs, and more. These breeds are friendly and less likely to chase cats.

How can I ensure a peaceful coexistence between my dog and cat?

Choose a dog that’s not too keen on hunting. Golden Retrievers, for example, are gentle with cats. Train your dog not to chase them. Slowly introduce your pets to each other and give them their own spaces.

Are there any large dog breeds that get along well with cats?

Yes, some large dogs are good buddies with cats. This includes Golden Retrievers and Collies. But, introduce them early to living with cats and watch over them carefully.

Can mixed-breed dogs be good companions for cats?

Yes, mixed-breed dogs can be better than purebreds with cats. Their mix of genes often makes them calmer around felines. But avoid breeds mixed from two known cat-chasing breeds.

What should I do if my dog shows aggression towards my cat?

First, stop the aggression and separate them. Then, seek help from a dog trainer or behaviorist. They can create a plan to make their bond better through training and positive steps.

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